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Home Buyer's Reports

The home buyer's report is recommended for houses that are under 50-75 years old, conventionally constructed, and in generally sound condition.

The home buyer's report is often a lot cheaper than a building survey because it is intended purely for your standard residential buildings, flats, houses and bungalows.  

The Home Buyer Survey concentrates on the main essentials, i.e. problems that need to be repaired straightaway or are going to have to be carried out in the very near future. It also covers a lot of other aspects as well, but not in so much depth.

What it also will tell you straightaway is whether you should really be buying the property if it does have building issues. We can also suggest the rough price of the work that needs to be carried out so you can then reduce these costs against your offer. 

While less comprehensive than a full structural survey, a home buyer's report gives a good indication of the state of the property and its level of repair and maintenance.

The surveyor reports on all visible parts of the property, such as the condition of the roof, pointing out particularly any areas that will need work immediately or at a later date.

Further specialist surveys will be recommended if required. Any issues to be discussed with your solicitor, such as parking spaces or rights of way, should be noted in the report.

An estimation of the value of the property is also included.