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Building Surveys

Commonly referred to as a structural survey, this is the most detailed survey of a property that is available.

It is particularly suited to very large, old or unusual buildings and can be tailored to suit the needs of the client and the type of property.

It is well suited to properties that have had a number of extensions or that you are proposing to refurbish.

The building survey includes an appraisal of all the main structural components such as the floors, walls and the roof and an assessment of the condition of the fabric of the building.

It will include testing for dampness with an electronic damp meter, a roof space inspection (if access is available) and lifting of inspection chamber drainage covers.

A visual inspection will be undertaken of services such as the electrical, plumbing, gas and heating installations.

If there are any areas of concern, recommendations will be made as to which specialists to consult. Also, any issues to be discussed with your solicitor, such as rights of way, parking spaces or boundary defects, or specific issues that are apparent on site.